An international interdisciplinary manifestation, which took place in 2005 at Art Cinema Rialto in Amsterdam. The program focused on the development of open narrative structures and disorientating visual language in, amongst others, cinema, visual art, music videos, literature, philosophy, commercials and other forms of culture and communication.

Under the revealed image, there is another one more true to reality and yet another one, down to the true image of the absolute mysterious reality that nobody will ever see. – Michelangelo Antonioni

The aim was to show the development of narrative structures that have broken with linear and logic narrative language, which have dominated our culture for centuries. Participating international artists and speakers were for example, visual artist Doug Aitken, author Mark Z. Danielewski, and philosopher Henk Oosterling. Jamain Brigitha co-curated the manifestation in collaboration with André Plateel.


Client Art Cinema Rialto

Year 2005

Graphic Design Yvonne van Versendaal

Project categories: Program

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