Movement[s] Part II

For 'Movement[s] II - the unity of the body, movement and public space', Jamain Brigitha photographed and filmed six contemporary dancers in the public space of Amsterdam. In this work, she shows the dynamics, sensuality and loneliness of the city. The series consists out of monumental photography works and a 3-channel multimedia installation.

Sensual Movements

Through working with many great choreographers and dancers, I learned how the body relates to space and how important space is to the art of movement. That the information and impulses we encounter daily, are digested by the body and how this manifests itself in the body. That choreographers and dancers transform this process into a choreographic language and how this interacts with the perceiver. – Jamain Brigitha

We see the contemporary dancers Cecilia Moisio, Keyna Nara, Sabrina Vis, Jack Gallagher, Orestes Léon and Massimo Molinari moving in subway trains and cars, and in crowded well-known public spaces in Amsterdam. The dancers show how we feel and act in the city and how we constantly try to adapt to the public space around us. The images are a translation of (fe)male strength and sensuality, but also of loneliness and the universal feeling of ‘being out of place’.

Artist statement by Jamain Brigitha
Essay by choreographer Jack Gallagher

Cymbolic Light Jet prints mounted on aluminium/satin
70 x 120 cm (27.56 x 47.2”) or 26 x 44 cm (10.20 x 17.30”)
Editions of 1/8 + 1 AP

1 Installation of 5 Cymbolic Light Jet prints on aluminium/satin
Total 150 x 288 cm (59.1 x 113.4″)
Editions of 5 + 1 AP

1 multimedia installation, 3 channels
3 DVD’s, colour/sound, 22 minutes – loop, dimensions variable
Edition of 5

Year 2007

Photography © Jamain Brigitha

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