Moving Landscapes

A photography series about landscapes, which are powerful, alive and constantly in motion.

Powerful and ever moving nature

Jamain Brigitha’s photography stands out because of her strong compositions and refined colours. Her work gives the viewer the opportunity to his/her own associations. The result is an open and never-ending narrative, where the images can resonate endlessly.

Jamain Brigitha’s non-static photographs show the powerful Argentinean landscape and its impressive glaciers. In Patagonia, she captured the dynamic moving nature and its abstract ice sculptures. The intense light makes the frozen landscape constantly change colour and shape.

Cymbolic Light Jet prints mounted on aluminium/plexiglass
70 x 100 cm (27.56 x 39.37”) or 30 x 45 cm (11.81 x 17.72”)
Edition of 8 + 1 AP

Year 2006

Photography © Jamain Brigitha

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Project categories: Landscapes

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